Paul Machalaba sculptureUPCOMING EVENTS
Sculpturefest 2015 will expand with new work at King Farm
Opening on September 5, 4pm - 7pm
King Farm Road, Woodstock, Vermont
COMMUNITY INVITED | BYO Picnic, either space: Prosper Road & King Farm

An exhibition featuring new work by Sculpturefest artists both at Prosper Road and the King Farm and including a special exhibition section at the King Farm, Intersections: Natural and Synthetic World, organized courtesy of volunteers Jack Rossi and Sharon Earn of Eco Visions as a section of Sculpturefest 2015.

King Farm directions

Featured Artists 2015:
Liz Fletcher: ceramic sculptor
Paul Machalaba: sculptor
continuing work by 2014- 2015 featured artist Bruce Hathaway

Sculpturefest 2015 opens on Saturday, June 27 at the 509 Prosper Road location with a special reception to meet the artists and view the new exhibition.

Click the artists' links below for a photo of their work. If the photo caption indicates multiple images, click anywhere on the right side of the photo to go to the next.

Ethan Ames
Adam Blue
Charlet Davenport
Herb Ferris
Joseph Fichter
Liz Fletcher
Bonnie Gale
Susie J. Gray
Bruce Hathaway
Daniel Ladd
Jeff Levison
Paul Machalaba
Robert Markey
Chris Miller
Felix von Moschzisker
James Payne
Hector Santos
Sande French Stockwell
David Therriault
Phil Thorne
Jamie Townsend
Judith Wrend

Intersections: Natural and Synthetic World Artists:

Ethan Ames
Barbara Bartlett
Peter Blodgett
John Bieling
Adam Blue
Charlet Davenport
Nina Granot Fox
Margaret Jacobs
Jeff Levison
Carla Munsat
Allison Newsome
Murray Ngoima
James Payne
Jack Rossi
Wayne Thompson
Linda Treasch

For more information on Intersections: Natural and Synthetic World visit

The 2015 season has an annex preview in the village with works placed at the Elementary School, the Norman Williams Library and Blue Horse Inn. The sculptures were installed along with a special exhibition at the Woodstock History Center in time for the Woodstock Elementary school children to enjoy the annual sculpture walk through the village on June 5.

The Woodstock History Center currently has a special exhibition of three high-fired ceramic sculptures by Woodstock artist Barbara Kaufman. Her work has been viewed in our region for over forty years. Kaufman is considered the senior artist of Sculpturefest.

One of the more recent young Sculpturefest artists is Paul Machalaba, who unveiled a new thirteen foot high aluminium sculpture in front of the Dana House at the center on June 25th. The work previously in place by Machalaba was commissioned by Patrick Fultz and taken to Fultz's Sleep Woodstock location on Rte 4. The new sculpture will be on loan from Machalaba throughout the season.

Also in the newly landscaped Historical Center garden are works by last year's featured artist Bruce Hathaway. His series of aluminium sculptures on the theme of fish are placed along the river bank in the back lawn of the center. Additionally sculpture by Joe Chirichillo, Dimitri Gerakaris, Herb Ferris and Mitsunori Kaoke are set in the garden area.

New TO SCULPTUREFEST: willow artist Susie J. Gray (work in progress) | James Payne | Judith Wrend (kinetic sculpture)

new work:
Hector Santos
Felix von Moschizisker
Chris Miller
Jeff Levison

featured on the plateau: Herb Ferris

continuing work on the land:
Joseph Fichter | Wendy Klemperer | David Therriault | Robert Markey

Living Art installations:
Bonnie Gale, "Living willow Memorial 2012" | Daniel Ladd, "Wishbone Trees" AND "THE Ganoderma Project"

dispersed on the land: William Boepple | Charlet Davenport | Peter Davenport | Carlos Dorien | Barbara Kaufman | Robert Markey | William Tudor


Gordon Auchincloss | Joe Chirchirillo | Herb Ferris | Liz Fletcher | Zoe Friend | Fitzhugh Karol | Paul Machalaba | Robert Markey | Jay Mead | Devine Reid | Lilian Shen | Martin Smith | Adrian Tans | Phil Thorne

Special Events:

June 25, 5pm:Paul Machalaba unveiling a new thirteen foot high aluminium sculpture in front of the Dana House, Woodstock History Center.

Sculpturefest is open daily DAWN TO DUSK | no admission charge

The Vermont Standard coverage of Sculpturefest 2014:


Prosper Road directions | King Farm directions

Director Charlet Davenport has worked as an artist in Vermont since 1963. Currently her work in ceramic sculpture is influenced by many years of acting as Director of Sculpture Fest. Initially her ourdoor art installations were created on fibre glass mesh and installed in public spaces (St. Gaudens Historic National Park, The Rotunda at Dartmouth College Hopkins Center, the Vermont Carving Studio and Sculpture Center, the bank of the Hoosic River on Williams College Campus, Slater Mill, Pawtucket, RI, the TW Wood Art Center and a variety of other public and semi-public spaces.) Charlet was a panelist on the Transcendental Landscape Art Panel and Discussion at the Fruitlands Museum in Harvard, Massachusett in September 2012.

peter davenportPeter Davenport, Co-Director of Sculpture Fest, is the one-man landscape force. Along with his duties as curator of the exhibition he aids artists in installing work, clearing sites, creating the signage, keeping everything clear for visitors as well as caring for the grounds throughout the exhibition time.

Both Davenports agree that land belongs to all of us and welcome the guests who come to Sculpture Fest each year.

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